World War Heros Mod Apk (Menu/Ammo/Premium) Data for Android

Hundreds of years ago, during the chaos. There were conflicts all over the world in the time period of the Second World War. During this period, war-related corpses caused a zombie plague. This game is a team-based shooting game. This game has had tens of millions of downloads on mobile since its introduction. The struggle between fascists and alliances was usually tense and dramatic. Thus, the player becomes a soldier on 1 of 2 sides, fighting for their country.

World War Heroes is a first-person shooter with a war backdrop and a classic multiplayer shooter. Precisely which special forces units were chosen to play the roles of entertainers has yet to be determined. Numerous weapons, equipment and unique things are at your disposal, including mines and methods for detonating and destroying them. You’ll be forced to assess the scenario and select strategies due to the staggering variety of locations. You’ll be working for one of six heroes, each of whom has their own set of skills and potential for growth. The fighting will have a unique dynamic if the visuals are good.

World War Heroes Mod Apk – Transformed into a soldier fighting on a bloodthirsty battlefield.

World War Heroes Mod transports players to a battlefield where the line between victory and failure precipitates. You might become a world hero, but you can as quickly become a sinner. There are a total of seven game types that are very challenging and adventurous for you. Changing the environment allows you to avoid being bored when playing games for an extended period. Additionally, you have a variety of weaponry to pick from during the fighting process. Finally, you cannot battle in a one-on-one combat arena without the assistance and support of your comrades. This is a team-based fighting game, so feel free to invite your buddies. Form a combat team and take part in the conflicts that restore the country’s honor.

Numerous arsenals

Additionally, the weaponry they employ as warriors is various and incredibly appealing. Therefore, players may select whatever weapon they like. Nonetheless, my honest recommendation to everyone is to use distant assault weapons. Because you will be unable to utilize melee weapons against foes approaching from a distance on the tough battlefield. However, there are several circumstances in which melee weapons are quite beneficial. Therefore, please familiarize yourself with and comprehend each weapon.

Together with your partners, you can engage in PvP mode.

This feature lets you engage in combat with your buddies. In PvP mode, you and your teammates can engage in combat with other players from across the world. To be successful online, you and your teammates must work together closely and learn one another’s playing styles before you can perform alone. Return and practice to ensure you have a solid lineup.


Players may be confident in the graphical quality of this game because it uses Engine Unity’s greatest graphics technology. Operating on a 3D graphics platform to produce vibrant, crisp images. As a result, when players play the game, they will experience the most authentic sensations.

The ferocious mood of World War II is brilliantly recreated in high definition through each shot. Storms, sleet, and smoke effects, among other realistic environmental effects, have given gamers a sense of what it’s like to be on a real battlefield.

Rules of Game

Deathmatch between teams

Domination is a term that alludes to a battle between two teams. A round is concluded when one team has amassed the greatest number of points.

Match of Death

Everyone is welcome to participate in combat.

The capture of a single point

Each team earns points based on their performance on the map. These points are used to provide combat points to them. Whoever earns the most points at the end of the round wins.

Defense at the highest level

Each side must protect its headquarters, beat the adversary, and seize control of its respective territories.

Kindly raise

Bring the enemy’s flag to your base. The team with the most flags wins.

Battle as a team

Two teams must play against one another. The squad with at least one survivor wins.


You establish the rules. Invite your buddies to join you in combat.

A significant arsenal of weapons

Your team and you will have access to a variety of new tools.

The following are some of the most FAQs

If you are a defensive player looking for a hero, Martha is definitely the finest choice. She is the best healer, who is useful in many situations.

Like many android RPGs, this game requires a lot of patience and time to accomplish missions; however, buying things and improvements eliminates this necessity. Or play our customized version of Hero Wars and gain free goods and upgrades.

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