Westland Survival Mod Apk + OBB (Menu Mega/VIP/Free Craft) Get Exclusive

It’s a very dramatic and interesting game to play.Westland Survival where you will live in a western town.its an action game.Westland Survival brings a lot of interesting features for the players.players will come across a lot of dangers and still love to have some more challenges for themselves.a player will experience a lot of things during game play.

While playing this game you will come across many ores and other resources which can be used by the players to build different things and let the player to live on that land.you will be able to make things for yourself such as dresses and things for your house etc.

During game play you will encounter a lot of dangers and you have to defend yourself against that danger.People will be out to rob, kill for fun, or otherwise do you the wrong way, so make sure that you’re ready to defend yourself against all these threats.

The graphics of the game are very attractive and it will attract the attention of the player.while playing this game you will feel that you are present in the game which make the game more enjoyable and you will like to play this game for hours.

The story of this game begins when our main character wakes up to find that his town is under attack by armed bad guys. Later, his room was kicked in by a cowboy who wanted to kill him. But one thing is that he can fight back, take down enemies quickly and change his outfit to continue to take down the other guys in town. So this can also be seen as a tutorial of this game for players.

During playing the game you will find a lot of enemies who are loaded with a lot of weapons and guns. If you’re up against a large group, you’ll be able to target each goal one by one. Specifically, when oriented, the target’s information will be revealed, such as the number of health points, to use weapons and kill them all. At the same time, you also own some equipment to equip yourself to increase the character’s stats.

Another feature that you will need to pay attention to in this game is the elements to interact with elements in the game to get some resources. Specifically, if it’s a crate, you can open it, and there will be many different things like resources and equipment for you to use. But, at the same time, sometimes it is also a tool for you to exploit some natural resources such as cutting trees.

Tips for playing the game:

Clear out your home base: You’ll start in your home base – you can find a broken wagon with a knife in it which you’ll use to kill everyone in your home base. From here, you can begin building a home.

Build your house ASAP: Get out there and chop down some trees to get timber, and then get to work on building your first house. This will allow you to set up a workbench and store items, which is essential for leveling up in the game.

Protect your house: another way to cope with this situation is to steal the equipment from the opponent to save yourself and your house.The walls of your house should be strong enough to not to be broken easily.and also keep eye on the fact that your material is not lifted up.

Build a well ASAP:  Water is the most important element in the game so you should build a well as a water resource. You will need water for your survival.

How to survive:

The robbers will snatcheach and everything from you such as your friend, weapons and some other things you will left with empty hands. The things you need to survive are food and water. Fabricate some tools from stone and wood, then use it to exploit, hunt and manufacture.

Trading with other people:

If you have a lot of items you can exchange with other native people to earn some money or to buy something from them.

Westland Survival MOD APK Features 

  • Division of things: Including individual items.
  • Crafts and construction without resources.
  • Points in more.
  • All drawings are available immediately.
  • Coins in plus.
  • Weapons force and Full equipment.
  • Quick trip on the map.
  • Maximum health.
  • New horses in your camp.
  • First aid kits do not end.
  • New permanent events and assailants on the map.

Features Coming soon:

Coming soon: Complete hundreds of tasks

Coming soon: Discover valuable treasures

Coming soon: Challenge other cowboys

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