Township Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 100% Working, tested! Free On Android

Story of the game:

Township Mod Apk IOS puts you in charge of a town. Increase money by utilizing your resources, such as farming, manufacturing, and selling completed items. The village features a train station, a helipad, and mines where rare jewels and minerals may be dug out.

Schools, theaters, and restaurants are just a few of the amenities you may provide for your community. You could even start a zoo! However, bear in mind that operating a town requires a lot of effort, since you must look after your crops and animals. You must ensure that your town’s residents are satisfied and have access to basic amenities.

There are built-in purchases, and the materials needed to create buildings might be expensive at times. Township Mod Apk v6.4.0 Download comes in useful in this situation. All future levels are unlocked in the mod version, as well as unlimited cash to buy resources and build your village into a city.

Features of the Game:

Features Of game At a Glance:

  1. Purchase seeds for a variety of plants that you may cultivate on your farms.
  2. Any plant’s output may be transformed into a multitude of products.
  3. Transport the finished items while expanding your firm.
  4. Attend to the requests of the charming citizens of the town.
  5. Minerals, diamonds, and ancient treasures abound in the mines, so go digging.
  6. Create zoos and animal breeding facilities.
  7. Build stunning monuments and parks to decorate your town.
  8. Bring your buddies along or meet new people in the game’s community.

Create the Perfect Town by decorating and building it:

There are several distinct structures to pick from in Township. As you continue through the game, you’ll automatically acquire additional improvements to your streets, and while the selection may appear restricted at first, once you’ve invested time in your levels, the game truly opens out. While some structures exist only for aesthetic purposes, the majority of structures have a functional purpose. You may generate money from the premises if there is a restaurant, and agricultural buildings will help your crops grow more productively.

Your town DOES have residents:

Township is packed with a number of interesting, funny, and unusual individuals who aid you through the tale, much like a game like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley. These residents will most likely give you various tasks to complete, whether it’s agricultural work or town maintenance. They aren’t afraid to express their dissatisfaction with your town management abilities.

Create a Zoo:

You may open and operate a zoo in addition to developing a lovely community. You start with a few native wildlife and then grow your network globally. Introduce new species and look after a variety of creatures. You’ll have to maintain your zoo’s finances in order while also ensuring that guests keep coming in. Then consider turning the zoo into the most popular tourist destination in your community.

It’s all about interacting with other people:

Township has a huge universe. Township has a lot of social components, such as visiting other people’s towns and giving presents to other mayors to assist them out. You may play with people you know from Facebook or Google+. It’s the most effective strategy to get a leg up on your competition in Township.

Monetary unit:

Township has two sorts of money: gold and money. Gold is the most often used currency in the game, and you acquire it by producing and selling your goods. You may also earn a decent sum of gold by completing the game’s quests. Gold may be used to purchase plant kinds or to construct new structures. The dollar is frequently employed, mostly to speed up production or purchase specialized equipment. Farming is a short process in the game, taking only a few moments. It takes around 15 minutes to an hour for manufacturing and building; if you don’t want to wait, you may use the dollar to finish instantly.


With 3D visuals and vibrant colors, your city is brilliantly depicted. Township’s aesthetics are adorable and welcoming to the player, evoking feelings of intimacy and peace. If you enjoy agricultural games, this game will provide you with the most enjoyable moments while providing a relaxing experience.

This is a game you don’t want to miss out on, so download it as soon as possible and start playing. Township Mod Apk newest version 2020 is not accessible in the Google Play store, but you may obtain it by following the instructions below:

Installation Process:

Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Administration while the file is downloading.

There is an Unknown Source toggle button there. To install Township Mod apk successfully, enable it.

When the download is complete, touch the app to begin the installation process.

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