Super Mario Run Mod Apk (All Unlocked) for Android

Super Mario games are the most interesting, attractive and enjoyable games on the internet.Super mario run Game is the combination of both old and new techniques. It’s not wrong to say that it is the time killing game in free time because it has a lot of amazing modes.its an action game and a runner travels through many places. It’s the first mobile game developed by Nintendo. You can play it just by touching the mobile screen. Nintendo is a company that develops hand handled games.This game has many interesting features that will fascinate the player.More about this game is that it is the modified version of the official Super Mario Run game.

With Super Mario Run mod, you can:

  • Get unlimited Coins
  • Unlock each level
  • Enjoy 24 exciting courses
  • Unlock Luigi
  • Jump longer in Single Click
  • Unlock all characters
  • Enjoy remix 10 for free

The character in the Super Mario Run is constantly running in forward position. The work you have to do just control the jumps and move over the obstacles and enemies that come in your way.this game has several modes that can be enjoyed by the player but the most interesting and popular is the World Tour in which the main task is to save the princess Peach while surviving from tough challenges such as plains, ghost houses, dark caves, dead fields,airships and castles. Collection of coins is also in your hands because Mario will jump through different obstacles and will collect the coins.

This game provides good and comprehensive resolution and graphics. The scenes used in the game are very interesting. Visual effects make this game more interesting. This game provides a different and unique realistic game experience. A player just needs to be conscious about the moves because you will face many hurdles while playing.

The main feature of this game is that you have plenty of modes and you can play any of them without any restriction and hesitation.

It’s a fully unlocked game and you can play it without paying even a single penny. This game also provides a lot of coins of different colours and these are used for different purposes such as buying buildings, decorative items, playable characters, premium appearances, and many other things.three different types of the coins are used in the game. In the start it is difficult for the player to collect the pink coin because this pink coin is hidden. And it is also not mentioned what is the function of the pink color coin. The other coins such as black and purple are used to unlock the different levels of game play. So the collection of the coins is a difficult task.Earning a lot of coins is an important part of every game. Occasionally, coins are not available for you to touch. In some cases, you need to destroy a small box or bricks to find them. Coins also often appear under pits that make players feel worried if they jump down. You can slide down the hole and take the coins, then jump to the wall and escape.

Different types of the characters are used in the game. You have to choose which character you need with different and exciting abilities. You can also use different items collected during the game and can be used against your enemies to save the queen.Currently, there are 11 different characters available in the game for you to choose from. They are: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad, Toadette, Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, Purple Yoshi and Yellow Yoshi. Of course, some characters are not available at the start, and you need to unlock them with coins.

This game also reminds us of different runner games such as Subway surfer and temple run. But there is a marked difference between these games.because instead of the running to death Super mario run has a stop point.You have to cross different obstacles and enemies to clear the stage.each stage has different levels such as easy, medium and hard.

You can also get unlimited lives during different levels of the game. Super Mario has different challenges to which you lose the game. You can continue from the same level where you left.Super Mario is an emotional game for the gamer because it recalls the old memories of childhood.Some issues in the game have been resolved such as disconnection of the game because of attaching the ear phones.


  • Playing experience is smooth.
  • Graphics are incredible.
  • Levels of difficulty
  • Stylish Leaps
  • There are numerous enemies and obstacles to overcome.

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