Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk (Unlimited All/Gems/Energy) Free Download

If you are a diehard fan of Harry Potter then this game is amazing for you.. It has over 1 million positive reviews and lots of downloads, proving that it’s a fan favorite. It’s a very interesting game that will take out all of your boredom. This game has a lot of features such as puzzles, learning spells and giving exams as per rules and regulations of the game.Although the game has quite a few pay-to-win features, you can still enjoy a lot of the game’s aspects, such as potion brewing, magical defense classes, and explore a beautifully-rendered Hogwarts castle.

The real author of Harry potter was a grandma who wrote this. And now it is trending in the whole world,many movies and series have been released from bollywood.

If the player is a beginner then he will take time to learn about the game.Every dangerous thing happens in the school and to cope with the situation you have to learn in the school to create spells it will help you to solve the critical problems and critical situations

The entire reason to take part in Hogwarts is to learn new lessons.you will be working closely with Dumbledore to learn the most powerful magic, and also with Snape, to master the potions you’ll need to survive in the wizarding world. These are the mini levels of games that involve puzzles and challenges. By passing the challenges  you will be able to learn more interesting lessons.Use every opportunity and learn many things to become a real harry potter in the game. Make a specific place for your Hogwarts students.

Harry potter is an adventurous game and with the completion of every level your skills will be improved.this game contains a lot of mysterious hidden things.all you need is to solve these mysterious hidden things.

The most important aspect of the game is the user choice in the game. If you choose the wrong option it will cause problems for you.

Every wizard stage game contains magical things. When entering the wizarding world, you need to face many magical mystery things from the game. Join the immersive events to complete all stages and get unlimited skills. On completion of every challenge you will receive plenty of rewards and skills. Dementors are the primary opponent in the game and you have to prepare yourself against them by learning skills.

This game comes with the feature of friendship. These friendships are available on the social networks and you can make new friends and also choose your classmates as a partner to play this game. This game will make your social circle strong.

The most important feature of this game is the customization of the character. You can use the dress, hairstyle and color of your own choice. Choose all the available items for your character.

The publisher invested the 3D graphics in the character images. The sound used in the game is also very soothing. The colors or the 3D graphics along with the attractive sound attracts the user for gameplay.The costumes, magic tools, or small details in the game are perfectly depicted and perfectly adjusted with really eye-catching colors.

This game depicts the 1990 century, bringing the feeling of getting players back to the old world to experience the game. Although the game is new, it does not exploit the integrity of the original story. During playing the game the players will experience the journey of becoming their own witch, which is a journey full of mystery and fun. As well as to experience many contexts, players also need to go through many challenging and equally engaging missions.

To start the journey of the player to become a witch, each player is given one of four houses  to experience named Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw. Each house has its own characteristics which attract the player to play the game. Player experiences different challenges and learns different skills at the end of completion of each house.Choose to learn and stick, adventure and uncover the mysteries behind this witch school and learn the most powerful spells of your own accord.


  • It is interesting to play
  • Great range of puzzles to solve 
  • It also contains a beautiful interface which looks so real


  • Only diehard fans of Harry potter can enjoy the games and understand the games otherwise players will not enjoy this.

New features:

  • The errors related with events are now resolved
  • The performance of the game is improved now
  • A lot of video offers are provided now
  • The stability of the game has been improved
  • Minor and major bugs have been fixed

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