GTA 4 APK + OBB Data Download For Android & IOS (100% Working)

Rockstar Games GTA 4 APK is the sequel to GTA 3 APK. The game is set in America and follows Niko Bellic’s life. Niko is a non-American protagonist who hates America for its materialism and hypocrisy. Despite his good intentions, the character is from Liberty City’s criminal underground.

The players see the City via Niko’s eyes, who longs to escape his bleak existence. But he knows this is impossible. Throughout the game, players will see how decisions affect the fate of all characters. This is the first GTA game where the feelings may influence the narrative.

Theme & Play

In GTA 4, you will complete the objectives assigned to you by the game. In addition, the player will provide options for the main character in the supplied games. The game is also separated into numerous distinct routes based on these decisions. The game’s conclusion can also be modified at your choice.

Tips for the Game

In the GTA, there are a few little guidelines or recommendations.

  • The radar shows the shortest legal line once inside the automobile. But this isn’t always the fastest route.
  • Detecting red and green zones on the radar. The police force will be denoted by a dot.
  • The GPS will track your travel if you use the map.
  • A little message appears above the radar, indicating the mission’s reaction.
  • The radar’s outer circle shows your health and armor. The left half indicates blood flow, and the right half is armor.
  • The front parking lot is safe for any car. Leave the car parked and go outdoors. The car is parked until you need it.
  • Visit any of the city’s fast-food joints to restore your health.
  • If the blood flow is interrupted, you will momentarily lose consciousness. As a result, you will need to be treated at a local hospital. As a result, before you depart, you will be charged a premium to restore your health.
  • Clothing symbols assist you in purchasing any outfit.

Graphics and Visuals

GTA 4’s graphics will please even the most dedicated player. GTA 4 not only simulates realistic terrain but also accurately portrays characters. In addition, the character design’s emotional component is outstanding.

They are pretty realistic and contribute significantly to the game’s plot. As a result, the game’s visual style resembles a high-end 3D animated film. Assure that you are drawn to the visuals from the very start.

GTA 4 apk has shown to be “awesome” in terms of sound design. Unlike GTA 3 download, where most characters are mute, GTA 4 apk has a great sound design. In addition, GTA 4’s voice acting is impressive, with hundreds of lines.

Major Features

The GTA 4 APK has the following notable features:

  • Moves easily and smoothly
  • Achieved effects and visuals
  • Amazing combat system
  • Fascinating backstory
  • Detailed plot
  • Maps with large landscapes

You may not discover GTA 4 on Android phones since Rockstar Games hasn’t officially released it on Android. For a better gaming experience, however, you may download the APK version of the game. Click the download button below to get the GTA 4 APK file.

Along with the APK file, you will need an OBB file to unpack the PAK file. Moreover, our website provides the most recent version of the game, ensuring a smooth installation. Continue reading to discover more about the installation method and download requirements.

To play the Windows version on your Android smartphone using an APK file, you must meet a few prerequisites. But first, find the newest GTA 4 APK. Using an outdated version may cause undesired problems or performance difficulties.

A version for Android has not been created. So, no Google Play or Rockstar Games website. However, for Android, numerous unlicensed developers have generated an APK version. Click the download button above to receive the latest GTA 4 APK.

Hard disc issues frequently cause load failure. To execute the AppData, hit the Windows key and R together. Take this path. Go to Appdata>local>Rockstar games>GTA IV>Savegames.

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