Download Fallout Shelter Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Lunchbox) + Data For Android


Build a public health and safety shelter where you and your friends may take refuge from the people that may harm you. Ascertain that all basic needs and amenities are addressed, including health, agriculture, and industry.Make sure that you and your companions have enjoyed the game.Begin to build additional of them for the masses of people who want to worship them. To make them, dig large holes and divide them into chambers and halls with tunnels. Those looking to rent rooms and start a family should seek guidance from others.This game has a lot of additional characteristics. 

Features Of Game 


Make a better future for yourself by making your vault the finest. Build your perfect vault underground using 2000 feet of bedrock. All the characters are created in a good way.


Meet a brand-new economy that is forming in a brand-new era. Provide employment for the laborers that will assist you in the construction of the vault. For maximum efficiency, upgrade and strengthen their powers with clothes, weaponry, training, and much more.


You’ll find a lot of garbage in your vault that appears to be of little use. You must gather all of them and use them to create useful goods. Then, in your vaults, sell them to consumers for profit. All of these may be used at the vault’s many stores.

Build the perfect rooms and employ correct dwellers on each of them

The Vault is a vast space, including the beneath area of over 2000 feet! Create your brighter future underground with Fallout Shelter, as here you can build as many rooms as your want and help hundreds of dwellers to survive the best life! The game delivers a massive category of rooms, containing Living Rooms, Power generators, Diner, Water Treatment, Storage Room, Overseer’s Office, Radio Studio, and Weapon Workshop.

Excepting that all, You’ve to provide all the Dwellers with the fitting rooms, based on their skills. You can observe each dweller’s skill ratio by simply tapping him/her and finding it on the charts. As the High Charisma guys are happy while living on Living Rooms, High Strength guys want to work on Power Generator, and High Agility guys love making food on Diner! SO play strategically, and increase the gross happiness rate of the entire population inside your Vault!


Send some individuals to the planet’s furthest reaches and let them explore. Examine the images of the above-mentioned surface for any useful information. You will acquire new armor and weapons, as well as experience, which will aid you in your quest.

Use the endless Stock levels on people who don’t have a warehouse space:

For starters, Fallout Shelter MOD APK gives you a lot of inventory space! If you’ve ever played the official game version, you’ll be familiar with the fight to earn money, unlock storage rooms, and spend spending limits in order to build up a large inventory!

But there’s no need to put in any more work or hustle now that Fallout Shelter MOD APK has transformed this issue into a feature. The game provides boundless Inventory Space, allowing you to retain an unlimited number of objects in both the inventory of other players and your own! Isn’t it fantastic?


Your vault still poses a threat, and you must safeguard your post-nuclear existence.You’ll also be able to protect your people from all sorts of threats. Building a laboratory: In Fallout Shelter, there are two sorts of laboratories: Stimpacks and Radaway. The labs are responsible for developing pharmaceuticals and other useful goods for the public. Stimpacks assist you recover and Radaway helps you cleanse your inhabitants when your base is besieged by enormous cockroaches. This function is rather costly, yet it is preferable than losing your resident for good.

Unlock all of your favorite characters and items with endless Packed lunches:

 Packed lunches are the crates that appear in the Fallout Shelter game. The legendary characters with the highest degree of talents and suits are included in these Lunchboxes. Aside from that, you may find a variety of weaponry, caps, and drink bottles within these lunchboxes to help you develop your gaming! Fallout Shelter MOD APK takes this into account and provides an infinite number of Lunchboxes. Yes, you read that correctly!! You may get Fallout Shelter MOD APK from the link below and open unlimited lunchboxes to get the greatest residents and resources for free. There’s no need to spend money here; it’s just a handy gaming area.

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