Download Reality TV APK New Version 2022

Introduction Of Reality TV

Nowadays there are so many genres of TV programs from which you can select and watch. A new genre has been introduced in the late 1990s and 2000s called Reality TV Apk.

Reality TV has become quite a sensation. As you can guess from the name, in this genre there are no specific paid actors, or nothing is particularly scripted. Actors are given circumstances and they have to act accordingly.

For example, the group of participants has to complete a task and they are examined by judges. The program will telecast them doing the task, and will ask individually about the task or their experience.

It is having a huge fanbase, and they have launched its very own app. Through Reality TV you can watch their shows plus you can watch other movies and TV shows of your interest.


Below are some of the unique features of Reality TV APK which might come in handy for you.

Reality TV Apk

Free of Cost

Unlikely other platforms, the Reality TV app allows, users, to watch their shows or any other show without any heavy subscription. You can enjoy all the live streaming free of cost.

Number of channels available

This app does not bound you to only watch their programs, instead they allow their users to watch different channels around the globe. So you can watch whatever you want through this app.


One of the great features of this app is that you can get notifications whenever there is a new episode released of your favorite show. So you would not have to worry about missing out on any of the episodes.

Basic Features of Reality TV APK version

basically Reality TV APK works like the regular app but also provides some extra features which are listed below.

No Ads

People are switching to TV apps because they are fed up with getting distributed by unwanted ads. That’s why Reality TV APK is having no ads, which means you can enjoy watching media without being annoyed by stupid ads.

No need of restarting your device

Many APK files require you to restart your device after downloading. But Reality TV APK does not require you to restart your device when downloaded.

Create Wishlist

In Reality TV you can create your wishlist and add your favorite shows. So you can watch them later and it will be easier for you to navigate through your favorite TV shows.

How to Download

To download this app, you simply have to search it on Google for “Reality TV APK download” and download any APK file from a trusted website. The downloading will take no more than a couple of minutes.

How to Install

First of all, you will have to allow permission to install the app from”unknown resources”. After doing that click on the APK file you just downloaded. The launcher will install automatically Reality TV APK on your device.


Just like other streaming apps, Reality TV is reliable and allows you to watch different TV shows and movies from different channels. It also allows you to stream live or watch later your favorite programs.

Reality TV APK is a must-try app. We assure you that you will love this app and will not regret using this app. But you might regret it if you don’t use the app!

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