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Introduction of My WiFI Live TV

With tons of apps available on the internet, you might wonder what app will genuinely solve your problems and will let you watch movies, seasons, or even matches? Well, we got just an app for you My WiFi Live TV Apk.

My WiFi TV Live app is one of the best apps out there which lets you watch your favorite shows, movies, and even all types of sports, without any sort of lagging.

This app lets you watch up to 200+ channels of different categories like News, Sports, Movies, etc, and the big thing is that it is compatible with almost every Android.

Features of My WiFi Live TV Apk

You probably are thinking about what makes this app unique from other apps available in the same category. Let us give you brief details about My WiFi TV Live’s features.

My WiFi Live TV Apk

Number of IPTVs available on My WiFi Live TV Apk

This app supports one of the most advanced technologies IPTV. With the help of this  My WiFi TV allows you to watch above 200+ channels without no lagging.

High Quality

Nowadays people are fond to watch anything on the screen in high-quality resolution. My WiFi TV, allows you to watch and stream videos in SD, HD, 1080p, or 4K Ultra, which enhances your visual experience.


You would be wondering app with these kinda features will occupy a heck of storage on your device. So, let us tell you that My WiFi TV comes in small size, so you don’t have to worry about the storage on your device.


My WiFi TV allows you to listen to the radio, broadcasting live from the UK. So you can enjoy watching movies or sports or you can listen to the radio while you are driving.


The extraordinary feature of this app is that it automatically updates to its latest version. So it means you don’t have to worry about updating the app, it takes care of it by itself.

Additional Information About This App

NameMy WiFi Live TV APK
Size 6.8 MB
Developed ByMyWifiTV
Compatible with4.0 or above Android


My WiFi Live TV provides you with all the entertainment you want without any restrictions. It is no doubt one of the most useful apps you will find over the internet.

You can stream from over 200 channels of your choice or you can listen to the radio. And most importantly this app is compatible with android version 4.0 or above that.

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What type of channel can I watch on the My WiFi TV app?

You can watch up to 200+ channels from around the globe without spending a single penny on subscriptions. You can decide from the category which type of channel you want to watch whether it’s News or sports, you can watch it on this app.

How to get a My WiFI TV app?

You can search it on Google and download it from there or you can easily get it on the Google Playstore. Search My WiFi TV and download the app and enjoy watching channels for free.

Is My WiFi TV app compatible with android and iOS?

My WiFi TV app is an android app which means it is only compatible with android versions 4 and above, unfortunately, it’s not available for our iOS users.


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