Download ClearStream TV APK Latest Version 2022

Introduction of ClearStream TV

ClearStream TV Apk is a digital TV tuner with a twist: It tunes in over-the-air television broadcasts (with the help of an antenna you purchase separately), but instead of sending the programming directly to your TV, it streams the video signal over your Wi-Fi network. Install the ClearStream TV companion app on your favorite streaming device, smartphone, or tablet, and you can watch, pause, and rewind live TV.

Why You Should Buy ClearStream TV APK

Every app has its pros and cons. It’s important to know both of them before getting the app. So that’s why we brought you some of the pros and cons of this app. Sit tight and give a read till the end.


  • Watch and record live network TV shows using the free ClearStream TV app on your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in your home, or watch broadcast TV wirelessly through your streaming media player [single tuner connects to one device at a time; download the app to all your streaming devices and switch between devices at your leisure].
  • Record your TV shows through the app, to watch later or on the go, anywhere, anytime, no Internet connection required. Set reminders to watch or record your TV shows within the ClearStream TV app; you’ll get a notification 5 minutes before they begin.
  • Pause and rewind live TV for up to 1 hour, and then you can fast-forward through commercials.
  • Includes a free 24-hour program guide to preview all your upcoming TV shows.



  • Streams to only one device at a time
  • No DVR

How to Download

You can find this app on  Google Playstore, you can also use the alternate method if you don’t find this app on Google PlayStore, so to download this app you need to follow the following steps:

  • Search it on Google “ClearStream TV APK free download”
  • You can download it from any trusted website which is free of malware and viruses.
  • It will take a couple of minutes to download the file if you have a stable internet connection.

How to Install

After you have successfully downloaded the APK file follow the  following step to complete the installation:

  • Click on the item you just downloaded.
  • Allow permission to download from“unknown resources”.
  • The launcher will automatically start the installation.


ClearStream TV. It’s an easy way to get an over-the-air TV channel to any screen in your house without running cables. It could also help to wean cord-cutters off their cable company’s live-streaming app by putting the TV on a tablet or phone.

If you’re a heavy TV watcher and want to be able to access over-the-air TV around your house,  if you want to record TV). If you’re a more casual viewer and you don’t about DVR—but you do want to watch TV on different devices in your home—the ClearStream TV might be right for you.

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