Download Cooking Fever MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems) Free Download

Cooking Fever is an online game that is designed with html5 technology and can easily be played in modern browsers, so there’s no need to download this game. In this  simple and hot simulator game,  If you want a better experience of cooking fever you can open it in Full-Screen mode.

More than 916 players like this game, cooking fever is compatible with android devices, iPhone and computers as well. You can also use the option of Drag and Drop to cook a variety of delicious dishes, complete customers orders much faster and try to complete all the missions.

  • Cooking fever mod APK

Cooking fever mod APK is the modified form of its original Cooking fever game. In this game you will learn how to cook and also you have a great chance to visit thousands of countries where you meet different types of people. It will be a great experience for you to meet them and offer them your own delicious food.

The interior of Cooking fever mod is totally customizable; you can change it whenever you want. You also have an option of treating your customer with free cupcakes and cookies.

The Game offers you more than 1000 interesting levels, a large number of delicious recipes, and a huge amount of kitchen items. You can use more than a hundred ingredients to cook different dishes with different cooking techniques that can help you a lot in practising your cooking skills. Try to use all of the kitchen items such as  popcorn maker , coffee maker and pizza oven as well.

So what are you waiting for? Download it and open your dream restaurant to explore something new in the world of cooking.

  • User Interface of Cooking fever

The user interface of Cooking Fever is simple,  commands and controls are easy to use. the user will never face any difficulty in playing Cooking Fever on their Android devices or even Desktop computers. As compared to other games like this it offers great fun and excellent skills to learn. You can spend your free time playing this game without being bored.

  • Cooking Fever Ice Cream Shop

The Cooking Fever ice cream bar section offers 3 Different ice cream flavours such as Chocolate, Vanila and kiwi. But it’s to be remembered that this ice cream bar is unlocked at the experienced level 28. It requires 15000 coins and 25 diamonds to start.

After paying these coins and diamonds now players are able to serve  ice cream to their customers with a variety of toppings. Similarly there are two more locked features that require coins to be unlocked named as water scoter and Trampoline. So in this case your first priority is to upgrade your kitchen appliance first.

This Ice cream bar located in Paradise Island and this bar was added to Cooking fever mod in April 2015 when developers updated it.

Kitchen upgrades include how fast machines cook food; it also includes the increment of how many portions of food are prepared in one hour. Furthermore it increases food price per portion. Similarly Interior Upgrades includes an option for extra customer’s which is truly a great upgrade.  As a comparison of  Interior upgrades and Kitchen upgrades, Kitchen upgrades take no time and apply as soon as you pay While interior upgrades take almost 24 hours in upgrading the interior.

FAQs related Cooking Fever Mod Apk

No, this game is not completely free to use. It includes some features that you can purchase from the coins and diamonds you received from the Cooking Fever. However You can also play it free but it requires some extra time and will take longer  to play hard  levels with patience.

One of  the best restaurants in the cooking fever mod APK  is the Indian Dinner. It has the highest income of 900 on a daily basis. On the other hand Seafood Bistro  is also good and the Breakfast Cafe is also included as the best Cafe in Cooking Fever.

  • Conclusion Based on Cooking Fever Mod Apk

When we talk about the physical appearance of Cooking fever mod, it absolutely features amazing Graphics. A little amount of colors are used. Its game play is easy to understand, It will never disappoint its users. When its comes to choose from hundreds of cooking games Cooking Fever as always remains on top.

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