Cooking Diary Mod Apk (Menu, Unlimited Everything/Currency)+Data Android Offline


Cooking Diary is an intriguing and appealing building management game. you have been given the task of running and managing a busy building. you are managing and functioning because the chief cook at a similar time, of course. Demonstrate a robust passion for food by constructing one among the world’s largest restaurants.

In preparation Diary, you’re a cook with an excellent want to enhance your skills. Tasty Hills may be a well-known building supported by your forefathers’ generations. Your grandad pays you a visit in the future and desires you to run this cooking empire. It not solely improves your cooking, however it additionally permits your building to battle the frauds of your competitors.

You will construct a building that has the best food with the resolve to reclaim the ancestors’ empire and a burning love for preparation. To accomplish this, your building should satisfy even the foremost discerning purchasers, like food critics and standard publications.

Learn how to cook sort of a professional

When you work as a cook in an exceedingly building, preparation Diary contains a time management element. As a cook and manager, you want to give delectable meals within the shortest quantity of your time possible. Customers can become annoyed and depart if they’re unbroken looking forward to too long. they need the potential to dramatically injure the restaurant’s image. 

To boot, you’ll demonstrate your skills by competitory in preparation competitions along with your own cluster. With the involvement of all smart cooks in Tasty Hills, intriguing and exciting preparation competitions can become a lot of competitive. It’s like being a contestant on Master cook, and you’ve got the possibility to win and become known all round the world. It’s difficult, however not not possible.

Create your own building

You’ll be ready to develop an impressive building like ne’er before if you’ve got the best preparation ability and therefore the title of Tasty Hills’ prime cook. Cook delectable meals to impress all of the guests. Customers can come back if your dishes impress them. Moreover, one among the restaurant’s most important tasks is to persuade meticulous food critics. As a result, perpetually cook with a passion for food.

Apart from the standard of the meal, the dimensions of the building may be a vital thought. colorful and valuable furnishings also want to adorn your building. With a strong electronic equipment, you’ll be able to rework the building into a mini-theatre that serves purchasers as they watch for their food. If I were a client, I might agree.

Make your own hero

You may become the world’s most trendy cook in addition to being a “master cook.” Many varied garments and accessories are out there to customize your character. Add a hair, modify your hair, eye color, skin tone, or maybe your face to change your look. preparation Diary may be a world of fashion and furnishings for you, additionally to the cooking world.

Make your gramps delighted

You may own a sequence of the world’s largest restaurants, not simply one building. You had rehabilitated the empire that the family had departed at the time. As a result, the most character’s caressive grandad can without doubt be happy with you.

With over 100 recipes to decide on from, you’ll immerse yourself within the world of preparation.

The game additionally includes fantastic cooking excursions for those that have an interest. you will find a good variety of delectable foods with a spread of themes here. to draw in a lot of purchasers, improve your business with recent recipes. Many distinctive recipes from cooking professionals can assist you explore the globe of preparation.

Keep up with the newest cooking trends from across the globe

Cooking Diary can give you access to a spread of exciting preparation events as you progress through the sport. be happy to require half in uncommon and exciting events wherever you’ll have the chance to cook in fun themes and sample completely different cooking.

With this update, you’ll have infinite cash

In addition, if the in-app purchases and advertisements are bothering you, you may wish to envision our made-to-order version of the sport. you will have infinite cash, gold, diamonds, gold tickets, and alternative things here. As a result, you’ll be able to build any purchases you want while not having to obtain them. Moreover, the ad-free experiences can enhance the game’s enjoyment.


  • Install the “APK” file on your device, then copy the “” folder into the “android / obb” folder.
  • Take part within the game.

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